The foundation 'Information Technology Center' is a non-governmental organization founded in Gostivar, Macedonia in 2005, in order to help the developing process of the local self-government during the decentralization period and further; To trigger the development of the Information Technology, to build it up as administrative tool in municipality and further by taking in consideration, in a whole, the needs of the administrative workes.

By providing ideas and sharing qualitative experiences based on the knowledge within the Information Technology area, building opportunities for holding symposiums, tribunes, workshops etc. In adittion providing course training programmes for the new generations in the field of Information Technology, foreign languages, languages of the ethnic communities living in Gostivar, and other exact subjects.

The organizational structure of the Information Technology Center consists of administrative body, supervisory board and executive director. It is constituted by administrative body, supervisory board and executive director. The administrative body consists of 5 members nominated by founder, the Municipality of Gostivar by criteria of including representatives of municipal council, workers in administration of local self-government, members of NGO-s, representatives of small and medium businesses, and as well representatives of cultural and science activities.

Main services and activities the foundation has been actively involved lately are promotion of IT within the city, improvement of the educational practice of the new staff, supporting the unemployed to overcome the factors they do cope while seeking a job, providing new educational and cultural strategies in the field of internet, providing valuable information regarding business strategies, foundation of an association of information technology, providing various services in the field of information technology and further.